Founded in 2003, initially Brewtique started out providing expert advice and services around draught beer dispense systems. This progressed to providing consulting services to breweries around process, brewing and equipment selection and design.

Brewtique’s founders have worked in the beer and beverage industry for over 40 years and our experience and expertise is unrivalled in the industry. We have been supplying proven equipment and consulting services to the beer and other beverage industries for over 15 years.

Having an experienced team who have worked in large scale commercial breweries through to being involved in small craft brewery start-ups we understand your needs and requirements. At Brewtique we are brewing specialists, not equipment sales people.



Brewhouse Systems

Brewtique supply turnkey brewery solutions from 5hL up to 200hL. Expert advice from master brewers from scoping and design, project management through to assistance in brewing your first brews..


If you are looking to expand your current capacity and need more tanks, Brewtique can supply tanks from 5hL to 200hL solutions. All our standard tank designs are certified and registered for use in Australia.

Canning Solutions

Brewtique has partnered with Codi to supply their high quality craft canning solutions. Codi provides the ability to start small and upgrade down the track without having to replace the whole machine.


With changes to the excise tax coming, and the ability for breweries to now ship beer in smaller keg sizes, Brewtique can supply 10L, 20L, 30L and 50L kegs to ensure you can take advantage of this opportunity.


Representing world leading suppliers of quality process equipment, Brewtique can supply solutions for wort aeration, filtration, pasteurisation, CIP solutions, centrifuge solutions and much more.

Packaging Solutions

Brewtique supply bottling, canning and Keg Line Solutions. From simple manual filling solutions through to fully automatic lines, Brewtique partners with a number of leading suppliers and can tailor a solution to your needs.

Keg Lines

Lambrechts keg lines are the only choice if you are wanting to assure the steam sterilisation of your kegs and you are looking for a custom built solution to meet your requirements

Beverage Dispense

Brewtique has experts who can help you identify the right beverage dispense solution for your business. Our people have over 20 years experience in the draught beer dispense market

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