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We are about QUALITY and PEOPLE


Our Story

There’s a fine line between a profitable brewery and the alternative. Success comes down to ensuring the right equipment and processes are in place from the start. At Brewtique, we are brewing specialists, not equipment sales people.

Brewtique designs and supplies micro and medium-scale breweries and distilleries across the Asia Pacific region, and offers technical and commercial management and consulting services to breweries.

We have extensive experience in major breweries, both on the client side and as a supplier. We bring major brewery quality and performance to micro and medium-scale breweries, adapting highly developed processes and control systems to suit your individual needs.

Brewtique has a vast network of contacts in the beverage, raw material supply, packaging, retail and associated sectors to provide support for the production, distribution and marketing of beverages.

The long-term viability of your brewing business depends on knowing how to maintain the highest standards of product, processes and people. It also needs an effective strategic plan. Our principal role is to add value to your business and to help you meet all your objectives in operating a successful brewery or distillery.


Our Story

Founded in 2003, initially Brewtique started out providing expert advice and services around draught beer dispense systems. This progressed to providing consulting services to breweries around process, brewing and equipment selection and design.

Brewtique’s founders have worked in the beer and beverage industry for over 40 years and our experience and expertise is unrivalled in the industry. We have been supplying proven equipment and consulting services to the beer and other beverage industries for over 15 years.

Having an experienced team who have worked in large scale commercial breweries through to being involved in small craft brewery start-ups we understand your needs and requirements. At Brewtique we are brewing specialists, not equipment sales people.

What Our Customers Say

Don’t take our word for it, speak to one of our customers or ask us to coordinate a site visit to see it for yourself and meet our customers.