Beverage Dispense

Brewtique has experts who can help you identify the right beverage dispense solution for your business. Our people have over 20 years experience in the draught beer dispense market


Beverage Dispense Solutions

Making great beer is only half the challenge and a lot can go wrong between the keg filler and the consumers glass. At Brewtique, we specialise in helping to get your precious draught brews to the drinker in consistently great shape. Our people are beverage dispense experts with senior management experience in draught trade quality control, draught beer education, dispense equipment and installation and service management.

At Brewtique we provide a core range of high quality dispense equipment essentials and services including:

– Keg Couplers, adaptors and fittings.
– A select range of beer fonts, taps and accessories.
Jockey boxes for trade show and events.
– Beer system design and installation.

If you are in need of high quality dispense equipment solutions and expertise, please contact us.

TOF Keg Couplers – Pricing 2019


European Keg Couplers

TOF was established in 1948 in Lake Orta, Italy: An area with a long standing tradition in metal-working excellence. TOF continues to proudly produce and assemble its world class components at its 3 state of the art Italian production plants.

  • Wholesale prices on Premium European keg couplers.
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy by recognised world leader.
  • 304 grade S/S probe – Suitable for beer, cider and wines.
  • A, D and S type options – 5/8” BSPP threads on product and gas.
  • A and D type available with or without pressure relief valve.
  • Premium Ergonomic handle fitted to all our couplers.
  • Each coupler comes individually packaged.
  • Backed by local expertise and a range of quality spares and accessories.
Coupler Range and Pricing


For a detailed list of all the couplers and accessories we can supply please click on the link below:

TOF Keg Couplers – Pricing 2019