Brewhouse Systems

Brewtique supply turnkey brewery solutions from 5hL up to 200hL. Expert advice from master brewers from scoping and design, project management through to assistance in brewing your first brews..


Micro Breweries & Brewpubs

The Brewtique Difference

The Brewtique Signature Series Brewery is designed by master brewers, and has been refined over years of experience and many successful brewery installations. When dealing with Brewtique you will have the support of an actual brewer from inception through to helping you brew your first beers.

We offer the following services and help you every step of the way.

– Scoping of your requirement in terms of desired output and equipment.

– Provide design, drawings and equipment specifications for your brewery.

– Site visit at some stage to confirm design and equipment requirements.

– Project manage the manufacture and shipment of your equipment to Australia.

– Installation with onsite engineer included in the price of your brewery.

– Provide a number of hands-on brews and assistance from experienced brewers.

Our Signature Series Breweries offer exceptional value, and we would be more than happy to facilitate a site visit to one of our many brewery installations across Australia to get a first hand look at the equipment and speak with the brewers.

Brewhouse Solutions 5hL-30hL

Brewtique provides our own Signature Series breweries ranging from 5hL solutions for small brewpub venues up to 30hL brewhouse solutions for growing craft breweries.

Our brewhouse solutions come in a range of different configurations to meet your volume requirements, and all our breweries come standard with the following;

– Brewhouse solutions from 2 vessel 5hl up to 4 vessel 30hL brewhouses, including HLT & CLT.
– Fermentation or Unitanks ranging from 5hL through to 100hl (approved for use in Australia)
– Bright tanks (approved for use in Australia)
– Glycol cooling systems and Glycol Liquor Tanks
– Flow meters with integrated instruments
– Malt Mill & Flexible Auger
– Sturdy work platform
– Heat exchanger and sanitary transfer
– Glass wort grant & wort aeration device
– Brewhouse instrument control cabinet
– Fermentation instrument control cabinet
– CIP unit
– Semi-automatic keg washer (optional)
– Semi-automatic keg filler (optional)


Production Breweries

We also partner with a leading German Brewhouse manufacturer, Esau & Hueber who have over 40 years of expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing of Brewhouse technology. If you are looking to expand your existing brewhouse beyond 30hL or looking to install a full production brewery we can supply large scale brewhouse solutions from 50hL up to 200hL.

WINNBREW - Automated Brewing Software

A proven and reliable automation system is the prerequisite for controlling, monitoring and logging complex operations. With Esau & Hueber’s WINBREW® automation software, you can manage the entire operating process from the malt acceptance to the pressure tank with a integrated system.

WINBREW® is an open and scalable control system, based on SIEMENS TIA-Portal, the visualisation Zenon by COPA DATA and the well-proven brewery step-by-step editor from Esau & Hueber.

This allows the system to be tailored precisely to customer requirements without obstructing later extensions.

Of particular note is the “locked hand level” which checks for manual intervention for plausibility and thus reduces operating errors.

Your benefit

– Sequence editor based on database with graphical
operation for a variety of steps, varieties and
recipes; with full access to all variables,
valves and drives
– High-resolution visualisation system with
graphical representation of the process sequence
as well as controllers, counters and recorder
– Avoidance of product and machine damage through
plausibility checks in manual mode
– Open and scalable control system
– Long-term archive by offline function
– High compatibility
– Worldwide remote maintenance by Esau & Hueber
programmers and brewery technologists