With changes to the excise tax coming, and the ability for breweries to now ship beer in smaller keg sizes, Brewtique can supply 10L, 20L, 30L and 50L kegs to ensure you can take advantage of this opportunity.


Schafer ECO KEGS

The most cost effective option of the Schaefer KEG family is the ECO KEG. It consists of a top quality stainless steel body with top and bottom rings made of fully recyclable polypropylene (PP). These rings are connected to the KEG using a safety snap-on technique and are therefore replaceable. The coloured PP rings, its light weight and the shock-absorber effect make the ECO KEG the ideal container for beer, wine and soft drinks.

The ECO KEG is fully customizable and may be chemically etched or silkscreened to promote your brand. The polypropylene rings can even be changed to a custom color to further enhance your unique look to make your Schaefer KEGs stand out from the crowd.

The combination of the stainless steel body and polypropylene rings makes the ECO KEG more flexible, economical and more convenient in operation and handling. ECO KEG sizes offered locally include;

– 30L – height 400mm, diameter 381mm
– 50L – height 600mm, diameter 381mm

– 20L – height 560mm, diameter 239mm
– 10L – height 326mm, diameter 239mm

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Schafer Stainless Kegs

Brewtique has a full range of kegs from German market leader – Schafer. Our full stainless steel option continues to set the standard in the 50L format. With the excise situation on kegs changing in June 2019, our ECOKEG range is perfect for drink makers looking to take advantage of the opportunity to package in smaller kegs. Our ECOKEGs are produced in Germany in 10L, 20L and 30L sizes and are the most cost effective, high quality range of small size kegs available in the world.

We offer a comprehensive range of Stainless Steel Kegs from Schafer. Schafer use only the highest quality stainless steel, and with fully automated deep drawing and finishing on state-of-the-art equipment guarantees that every keg is manufactured to to highest quality. For over 40 years Schafer has set new standards in innovation and developed products in line with market conditions and customer requirements, enabling them to establish themselves as one of the global leaders in keg technology.

SUDEX stainless steel keg

Manufactured completely from high-grade stainless steel. Robust, durable and easy to use – a genuine classic keg for beer and wine.

– 20L – height 310mm, diameter 363mm
– 30L – height 400mm, diameter 381mm
– 50L – height 600mm, diameter 381mm

– 20L – height 285mm, diameter 395mm
– 30L – height 365mm, diameter 408mm
– 50L – height 532mm, diameter 408mm