Packaging Solutions

Brewtique supply bottling, canning and Keg Line Solutions. From simple manual filling solutions through to fully automatic lines, Brewtique partners with a number of leading suppliers and can tailor a solution to your needs.


Bottling and Canning Solutions


Brewtique offers a comprehensive range of bottling solutions from IC Filling in Italy. For over 24 years, IC Filling Systems have supplied bottling, labelling, and packaging equipment for water, soft drinks, beers, wines, spirits, kombucha, food sauces, chemicals and toiletries across the globe.

IC Filling offers a wide range of filling and labelling solutions to meet with the specific demands for both small and large customer demands. All machines conform to CE safety standards. With every machine being manufactured in their modern factory in Italy, providing the latest technology. As a result, IC Filling produce only the highest quality, economic bottling, labelling and packaging equipment.


This high quality, high tech, automatic beer bottling machine features new EPV Electro Pneumatic Filling Valves, with special pre-evacuation of air which allows low TPO levels. Perfect for bottling wine, soft drinks, cider, kombucha or other still & sparkling drinks.

– It fills both glass bottles and aluminium cans. Pretty much a first in the industry!
– It delivers Low TPO levels thanks to a new high performance vacuum pump.
– A single high output filling tank ensures constant product filling levels at top speed.
– User friendly Omron 7” colour HMI touchscreen control panel & PLC
– Integral Brushless electronic camme operations for more accurate positioning of bottles and faster servicing

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The IC Filling range of semi automatic counter-pressure bottling machines are designed specially for the artisan craft brewer or microbrewery to allow economical in-house bottling, with options for conveyors to include labelling and to speed up end of line packaging. We can supply 2, 4 & 6 head bottle rinsers & fillers with single or twin head capping units.

The new and improved Compactblock for 2019 includes many new and enhanced features including:
– Faster filling cycle, up to 500 bottle per hour
– Higher quality of vacuum for oxygen retention
– Total Pickup of Oxygen values between 50-80 ppb
– User friendly HMI touchscreen control panel
– Full internet connection available as an option for remote technical diagnosis and assistance
– High visibility vacuum tank to ensure visual monitoring of correct operating status
– Easy visibility and access from rear via transparent opening doors for easy maintenance
– Possibility to fill short neck bottles
– Rinser with “No bottle – no spray” system
– Flexibility to fill any size bottle or can
– Easy and rapid changeover from glass bottling to canning

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Keg Washing and Filling

Brewtique offers a range of keg washing and filling solutions from manual through to semi-automatic solutions.

IC Filling Keg Washers and Fillers

For keg filling and washing of steel or plastic kegs, IC Filling Systems offer a range of machines designed and built with particular attention to hygene and available in different sizes and models.

The whole structure of the machine and the parts in contact with liquid are entirely steel AISI 304. The filling head is designed with particular attention to exclude any contact to air by the worked product and ensure a fill in full sterility.

The systems are preset for connection to a steam generator for heat sterilisation of the containers. Shared command and control is located in a sealed control panel and managed electronically through the use of a PLC.

All the valves, for the control of the washing cycles and filling, are made of stainless steel turned solid and, thanks to their perfect internal finishing, allow easy washing and sterilising preventing dirt from settling. Furthermore, the particular structure of massive steel, guarantees a good wear resistance and reduces the need for regular maintenance.

Signature Series Keg washers and Fillers

Through our Signature Series Brewhouse solution, Brewtique can offer a range of different keg washing and filling solutions to meet your budget and requirements.

Manual Keg Rinser

2-Head, 2-Tank (Caustic & Hot Water), manual keg rinser with a rinsing capacity of 20-30 kegs/hour

Semi-Automatic Keg Rinsers
2-Head, 2-Tank (Caustic & Hot Water), semi-automatic keg rinser with a rinsing capacity of 40-60 kegs/hour

2-Head, 3-Tank (Caustic, Acid & Hot Water), semi-automatic keg rinser with a rinsing capacity of 40-60 kegs/hour

Semi-Automatic Keg Fillers
1-Head semi-automatic keg filler with a filling capacity of 30-40 kegs/hour

2-head semi-automatic keg filler with a filling capacity of 60-80 kegs/hour