Representing world leading suppliers of quality process equipment, Brewtique can supply solutions for wort aeration, filtration, pasteurisation, CIP solutions, centrifuge solutions and much more.



Brewtique can offer a range of solutions for all of the key processing requirements within the brewing process. These include Yeast Management, highly efficient Aeration and Carbonation systems, CIP Solutions, Centrifuge Technology and Pasteurisation.

We represent a number of world leading suppliers in these categories and can supply small scale solutions for craft breweries up to large scale solutions for full production brewries.


Esau & Hueber offers over 40 years of experience in designing and building state-of-the-art processing equipment for all stages of the value chain for a brewery. Esau & Hueber offers both turn-key solutions as well as standard solutions for individual customer requirements.


Vigorous and strongly fermenting yeast in a physiologically flawless state is an essential requirement for high and consistent beer quality. It also contributes to biological safety. The aerobic phase in the yeast life cycle is particularly important for vitality later, as it is used to synthesise all the essential components of the cells.

The MICRO PROP and CRAFT PROP systems by Esau & Hueber provides small to medium size breweries with an in-house supply of strongly fermenting, high-vitality yeast. The removable quantity can be adapted to the production requirements by adjusting the propagation time, temperature, aeration volume / aeration intervals for the start cells and the residual cells in the propagator. Lean more about Esau & Hubers Small Scale Yeast Technology.

For more advanced yeast management solutions, Esau & Hueber offers the right solution for breweries of all sizes. The CONTI PROP yeast propagation system, the FERMEX vitalisation system or an intelligent combination of the two in a FLEXI PROP system – these technologies are available in all conceivable sizes. Lean more about Esau & Hubers High End Yeast Propagation Technology.


The Esau & Hueber MICRO AIR is suitable for wort aeration and for carbonisation for smaller breweries with low wort volumes. The MICRO AIR is equiped with an aeration device, regulation valve, sterile filter, flow quantity limiter and pressure reducer, all mounted on a stainless panel. The cost effective solution to wort aeration and carbonisation on a small scale.

Esau & Hueber provides the TURBO AIR for the correct aeration of wort and yeast before pitching, and the TURBO CARBO system for the carbonisation of beverages and correction of the CO2-content. These solutions can be provided in a wide variety of configurations to suite the needs of any full scale production brewery. Find out more about Esau & Huebers Highly Efficient Aeration and Carbonation Systems.


CIP Systems

Brewtique can supply a range of different CIP solutions depending on the size of the brewery and your requirements.


Our Signature Series CIP solutions comprises of a 100L, 200L or 300L dual tank setup. These mobile or fixed units are ideal for cleaning small micro breweries through to larger craft breweries.

Each CIP skid comprises the following;

– Caustic Liquid Tank
– Sterile Liquid Tank
– Liquid transfer pump
– CIP controlling cabinet
– Available as potable cart or fixed unit

Speak to one of our experienced brewers to identify the right solution for your brewery based on your volume and number of tanks that need cleaning.


Through Esau & Hueber we can also offer customised CIP solutions for larger production facilities. Esau & Hueber differentiate between tank cleaning, pipe cleaning and system cleaning, batch cleaning and lost cleaning. Combinations of these cleaning types are possible at any time for specific systems. Adaptation to specific requirements results in savings, particularly on cleaning agents, but also energy and water.

Each system is individually adjusted according to parameters such as the content of the container to be cleaned, height differences, nominal diameters, pipe lengths and, in particular, the type of impurity to be removed.

The benefits to you:

– Absolute product safety due to accurate targeted cleaning
– Economical use of cleaning agents, energy and water
– Clear and easy operation with varying degrees of automation
– Safeguarding of aggressive media from contact with one another using proximity switches and leakage valves
– Environmentally friendly due to minimal waste water disposal
– Gentle on materials due to pressure regulation of feed pumps
– Low personnel costs in fully automatic mode
– Reproducible processes due to monitoring of all relevant process parameters
– Stationary or mobile