Canning Solutions

Brewtique has partnered with Codi to supply their high quality craft canning solutions. Codi provides the ability to start small and upgrade down the track without having to replace the whole machine.



The Codi CCL-45 Counter Pressure Filler and SH-45 Single Head Seamer is a high quality craft canning system manufactured in the USA. The machine is capable of doing up to 50 cans per minute, which equates up to 137 cases per hour (350ml). With a solid 304 stainless steel construction and small footprint it is the ideal canning solution for any growing craft brewery.


A quality product deserves a quality fill. The Codi CCL-45 Counter Pressure Filler achieves this by letting the user set and adjust every step of the fill cycle through the HMI. Counter Pressure technology allows for canning of higher carbonation and temperatures, compared to open air filling technology. Achieved by the ability to raise and lower bowl pressure accordingly.

  • SIX Head Counter Pressure Filler
  • Optional upgrade to volumetric filler with purchase of Magmeter Flow Meters
  • Filling valves with 304 stainless steel fill heads
  • Closed CIP system meaning increased contact time
  • Low foam filling process at higher temperatures
  • High carbonation levels
  • Pre-purges and fill level controlled per requirements set by can maker
  • Integrated product pump
  • Simple and easy maintenance

The Counter Pressure Fill Process greatly reduces the potential for oxygen pickup. This is done by ensuring that all oxygen is fully purged out of the can through adjustable purge and snift cycles during filling. Once filled, Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) is kept down with a bubble breaker and under lid gassing before the can is seamed.

By controlling the snift and what pressure the seal is broken from the can prior to seaming, the level of FOB can be increased or decreased to help reduce D.O.

  • 13” Touchscreen HMI
  • Task Oriented Display
  • Control of all variables of the filling process
  • Regulate and Change Purge Cycles on the fly
  • Control Tank Pressure and Pump Rate, Based on Solubility of Beer
  • Control Fill Rate and Control F.O.B.
  • Complete control of beverage transfer into can, Settle Time, Snift Cycle
  • Canning System and Conveyance easily integrate together



With speeds of 45 to 55 cans per minute the SH-45 Single Head Seamer is the right fit for the CCL-45 Can Filler. The Mechanical Operation with positive can placement is durable and reliable. The seamer is easily operated directly from the Codi Filler CCL-45 touch screen interface.

  • Cans are timed with feed screw to complete every step of the seaming process exactly the same for every can.
  • Critical Seaming Operations engaged mechanically NOT pneumatically
  • Single Point Quick Height Adjustment for Multiple Can Heights
  • “S” Style Seaming Rolls with Tapered Ceramic Bearings
  • VFD Speed Control
  • Easily set Rolls and Spring Force through Outward Facing Adjustment
  • Easy Access Grease Lubrication Points
  • Lid Dropper with Mechanical Cutter and
  • Integrated PLC Controlled Under Lid Gassing
  • Missing End Can Stop – Prevents Cans from pushing up onto the Chuck


Fully Closed Clean In Place (CIP) System
A hygienic machine design that is built with 304 Stainless Steel, 3-A Compliant Components, and Stainless Steel Tri-Clover Fittings. The ability to run caustics throughout all tanks and lines on the filler along with 180°F water is what sets a Codi Counter Pressure Filler apart from others.

Clean and sanitize machine with Integrated Auto CIP Function:

    • 45 minute CIP cycle
    • 180°F Heat Rating for a Complete Caustic Clean
    • Recirculate and Reclaim Chemicals
    • Flowrate: 3-5 ft/sec