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Automation solutions for craft breweries through to production facilities.

Reduce labour cost whilst making processes more consistent and efficient.

Automation has historically been out of reach for most craft brewers due to the costs involved however Brewtique and Deacam have put their heads together to bring big brewery automation principles to even the smallest brewing system.

Using Fermecraft software, proven at breweries such as Dainton, Drink West, Jervis Bay Brewing and Sydney Brewery, incorporating automation into the build stage of production, we are able to provide genuinely fully automated brewhouses at a fraction of previous cost.

Brewtique Automation, powered by Fermecraft can control every aspect of the brewing and fermentation process.

  • Mashing & step mashing
  • Recirculation and lautering
  • Boiling and dilution
  • Wort run-off
  • Fermentation & maturation temperature control.
  • Brewhouse CIP & rinsing
  • Remote viewing and function control.

Brewtique Automation powered by Fermecraft is highly flexible and can be set-up to incorporate your specific requirements and grow with you on your craft journey.

As every brewery is different and every budget has limits, we’ve developed two levels of automation to match your brewery.


Designed for small to medium craft breweries. Large LCD screen, digital sensors and I/O link technology to power up your brewery controls. Highly scalable to grow with you. Improve process control and free your brewer to work elsewhere in the brewery.


Utilising the full power of Fermecraft integrated into every aspect of your brewery, packaging equipment and services. Limitless expansion capability with powerful data capture and data management to understand and improve every process in your brewery. Used by some of the biggest craft brewers in Australia to take their whole operation to a new level of control and efficiency.

All brewing processes are controlled by a recipe and touch screen driven system for every beer you make.

Hot and cold liquor tank control screen

Piping and instrumentation made simple

Automated valve sequencing

We believe that the increased control and quality of your beer will improve whilst freeing your brewer from routine brewing operations to concentrate on making your beer the best it can be.

Learn more about how Fermecraft works or chat to our technical expert about automation solutions for your brewery.