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Brewtique’s Signature Series brewhouses offer unrivalled quality and value in today’s competitive brewing arena.

Designed and manufactured in conjunction with our strategic partner NDL Craft and ranging in size from 5hL to 50hL, our Signature Series Brewhouses are a complete solution. As well as all the brewing vessels and tanks, we will provide you with a detailed brewery layout and include all heating, refrigeration, pumps, valves, pipework, and controls. A genuine turnkey solution.
We can also provide additional infrastructure such as CIP units, keg cleaners, yeast propagation solutions, wastewater management solutions, kegs as well as recommendations on a full range of laboratory equipment to complete your brewery set-up.
With every project we undertake, our highly experienced team will be there for you every step of the way. From design, layouts, drawings, and manufacturing, to installation, commissioning and on-site training, including an initial brew on your new system with our own Master Brewer. Our ultimate goal is to help you produce great quality beer with our experienced staff helping you from inception to brewing that first perfect glass of ale.


  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on all brewing vessels and tanks
  • Pressure tanks rated at 1.5 bar to allow faster carbonation and also nitrogenation – this relates to the thickness of stainless for this rating compared to most of the market which is mainly 1 bar.
  • All of our standard size tanks are certified and registered for use in Australia.
  • The tanks are all laser cut and welded together using automatic vertical welding machines, not welded together by hand.
  • Recirculation/run-off is controlled via flow meter/VSD and level indicators above/below the false bottom not via a wort grant.
  • 3 x IFM flow meters are included on mash/sparge water, recirculation/run-off and wort transfer to fermentation.
  • Push button auto-fill/shut-off on HLT & CLT.
  • PT100 temperature sensor on wort post the heat exchanger to allow control of wort transfer on brew deck.
  • Steam pipework, solenoids and condensate traps supplied, all to AS standards.
  • Wiring in control panels to CE standards with Australian colour codes.
  • External tube heat exchanger on whirlpool to reduce the temperature prior to late hop addition without blocking a standard heat exchanger (optional extra).
  • Over-sized pumps on brewhouse to keep shear down to a minimum.
  • Work platform made to AS1657 with non-slip flooring.
  • External heat exchangers on HLT & CLT to speed up heating and cooling.
  • Local support and spare parts on Coolsoon chillers.
  • Keg washer offers 7 phases, all fully programmable.
  • Cost effective yeast prop system (optional extra).


2 Vessel (Mash/Kettle/Whirlpool + Lauter)

3 Vessel (Mash/Kettle + Lauter + Kettle/Whirlpool)

4 Vessel (Mash + Lauter + Kettle + Whirlpool)