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Bulk Grain Handling

The Environmental Solution.


With an estimated 500,000 plastic 25Kg grain bags going to landfill in Australia every year, Brewtique in conjunction with Bintani and Voyager Malt have developed a 1-ton bulk grain handling solution to do our part in eliminating the number of bags going to landfill.
Our bulk grain handling solution provides breweries with the tools to manage larger quantities of grains effectively, supporting scalability and growth in production capacity, while removing the WH&S issues around manually handling 25Kg bags. Overall, implementing a 1-ton bulk grain handling system in a brewery improves operational efficiency, reduces costs, enhances consistency, and contributes to a safer and cleaner brewing environment.

Cost effective re-usable bulk malt systems.


  • Efficiency and time savings: Handling grains in bulk allows for a more efficient brewing process.
  • Cost savings: Purchasing grains in bulk quantities can offer cost advantages compared to buying smaller quantities. Additionally, the automation and efficiency of the system can help minimize labour costs associated with manual handling.
  • Consistency and quality control: Bulk grain handling systems are designed to ensure consistent grain delivery and minimize the risk of contamination or variability in the brewing process.
  • Improved safety and cleanliness:  By reducing manual handling and the need for opening multiple bags, the risk of workplace injuries can be minimized.
  • Scalability and capacity: As breweries grow and production volumes increase, the ability to handle larger quantities of grains becomes essential

Our incredibly cost-effective grain handling solution includes:

  • Stainless steel 1 ton bulk bag frame
  • Forklift bracket with hooks and jib connection to easily lift bulk bags into place.
  • Load cells for accurate weight measurement and dispensing exact quantities of grain.
  • Pneumatic valve on grain inlet to automatically release required amount of grain.
  • Powerful ABB 1.5Kw motor to drive disc and chain.
  • Stainless steel piping to transport grain using disc and chain.
  • Steering gears for 90 degree and 180-degree directional changes

We will have one of the units on display on our stand at Brewcon, come and visit us at stand 41.


1 Ton bulk grain bags available from both Bintani and Voyager Craft Malt. Visit their websites for more information and