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As breweries continue their search for that elusive perfect dry hop flavour in their beer, evidence-based studies show that dynamic dry-hopping quickly and with maximum contact between beer and hop is the most effective at drawing key flavours from hops and leaving the bad stuff behind.


Quick and complete contact between hop and beer is something that is difficult to do without specifically designed equipment. In conjunction with Australia’s leading hop suppliers, HPA, Brewtique have designed and developed The Hoptimser. A dry-hopper that allows complete mixing of your chosen hop with your precious beer. This is done using a pressurized hop container feeding into a stream of beer prior to a macerating pump. The resulting contact between fine hop matter and beer allows a rapid uptake of key dry-hop flavours whilst minimizing astringency and hop burn.

Up to 25% less hops required compared to static dry-hopping techniques for the same flavour outcome.

Developed in conjunction with

HPA are the country’s largest hop grower. Contact their team of technical experts to discuss your hop requirements, and discover how their range of Aussie, international and innovative hop products can help your brewery become more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable.


  • Specially designed macerating pump breaks hops into fine particles whilst in the beer stream giving rapid and complete contact.
  • Dry-hop flavours are efficiently and repeatedly extracted from hops.
  • Up to 25% less hops required compared to static dry-hopping techniques for the same result.
  • Less hops also means less beer wasted.
  • Full extraction of hop flavours in hours not days.
  • Especially effective in large vessels.
  • Agitation shown to increase yield especially effectively from high alpha hops.
  • Short dry-hopping times have been shown to improve head retention.
  • Removes need for ladders and platforms and eliminates foam overs, therefore significant
  • WHS advantages.
  • Easily purged prior to use.
  • Reduce DO pick-up especially in post fermentation beer.
  • Internal CIP ball, sanitary design.
  • Comes with detailed instruction video & SOP.
  • Comes on mobile skid, easily moved around the brewery.
  • Comes in 10kg (25L) or 20kg (50L) design.

We will have one of the units on display on our stand at Brewcon, come and visit us at stand 41.