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The Perfect Brew Program

Dive into the heart of brewing excellence with Brewtique Solutions’ Perfect Brew Program. A tailor-made quality program for your brewery to take you on the pathway to routine brewing excellence.

As brewery experts, we understand the nuances that elevate a good brew into an award-winning masterpiece. Your perfect brew program will not only refine your brewing processes, making each batch a contender for medals, but also to streamline operations, significantly reducing costs and minimizing waste.

With our combined expertise and cutting-edge techniques, we’re here to guide you on a journey towards brewing perfection, where exceptional quality meets unparalleled efficiency. Join us, and let’s raise the bar for what your brewery can achieve.

Brewing success, one batch at a time.

With two decades of experience running breweries, over 60 brewery installs and scores of brewers trained to make great beer, we can quickly audit your entire operation and provide a detailed road map of what aspects of your brewing operation can be optimised, we can then work with you over the following few months to assist with the implementation process.

We have a wide range of simple tools and proven processes and controls that can quickly raise your beer to new quality heights and ensure that your brewery runs smoothly and with minimal unpleasant surprises – our Perfect Brew Program is ideally suited to small to medium breweries and has proven to make dramatic differences to beer quality and operating costs and most importantly the ease that comes with knowing that you’re running your brewery as well as it can be run.


  • 1-1.5 day audit of all brewery operations including
  • Beer sensory evaluation
  • QA & QC processes
  • Brewhouse operations
  • Equipment design and functionality
  • Fermentation & bright operations
  • Finishing and packaging
  • Forecasting & production planning
  • Brewing specific SOP’s and OH&S practices


  • A simple colour coded report showing areas needing improvement
  • Red – Do now!
  • Amber – Need to do
  • Green – Necessary to do
  • 12 x 2 weekly 1 hour meetings to track progress and assist with implementation.
  • Simple Standard Operating Procedures for all processes that need defining.
  • Access to one of our consultants by phone at any time during the working week.
  • As many sample tasting with feedback as you care to send.
  • Access to our Perfect Brew facebook page with regular updates, tips and seminars.

The audit process and follow up is conducted by our own master brewer, Neal Cameron.

Neal has a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge that few in the industry can match. With a degree in chemistry and a postgraduate degree in brewing science, combined with over 20 years’ experience in the brewing industry, we will guide your brewery toward practices that can set your beers apart in a competitive market.

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